Nick Sackville
Nick Sackville is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.3 months ago
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Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Found a couple!

I still have some signs out there that are slowly being revealed as the snow melts.

If you have one of my signs let me know and I'd be happy to pick it up.

I promised I would pick up all the signs my supporters so graciously offered to take for their lawns and I intend to keep that promise.

#yxe #yxecc

Thanks @devyngregoireyxe for your help!
Nick Sackville
Nick Sackville4 months ago
I loved receiving this card!

It made me reflect on how much I appreciate the people around me who supported me on my campaign for city councillor in 2020.

Having been @symmetrypr's first client and now watching them grow and achieve new levels of success has been so rewarding.

It's amazing how far we've all come in such a short time. Take a moment today to reflect on your journey and how you've grown over the last year despite all the challenges being thrown at us.

#skyisthelimit #youcandoit #yougotthis
Nick Sackville
Nick Sackville6 months ago
So happy to be helping my friend @devyngregoireyxe collect items for the @yxefoodbank. We're hoping to get 500 items and we're well on our way to achieving our goal!

#yxe #foodbank
Nick Sackville
Nick Sackville6 months ago
My friend Devyn Pierce Gregoire is doing a food drive for the holiday season and I'll be giving him a hand! Times are particularly tough for folks right now so I hope you'll consider making a donation. I can come collect your donation at your convenience, just shoot me a message!

#yxe #foodbank #foodbankscanada
Nick Sackville
Nick Sackville7 months ago
So very proud to be nominated for the @cbcsask #future40. Good luck to everyone, there's some amazing folks in this list!

Nick Sackville
Nick Sackville7 months ago
Thank you everyone for the messages of support you’ve sent. I’m going to take some time to put my feet up, but I’ll be back soon - ready and willing to be a champion for the west side here in #yxe.

4 weeks ago
Another reminder that as cities like Edmonton enter a brave new world eschewing mandated parking minimums, Saskatoon remains stuck in the past. This despite a "comprehensive" zoning bylaw review in #yxe, the goal of which is to "modernize by aligning it with industry trends."
4 weeks ago
Beautifully ominous
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Alex Zahara @AlexZahara35
The northern lights and a wildfire glow tonight along the north Saskatchewan river

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