Nick Sackville challenges others to roll up their sleeves for Good Neighbour Day

Saskatoon, SK – This Sunday, in advance of Good Neighbour Day, Nick Sackville and a cohort of volunteers will be leading a community improvement project in Fairhaven to help make life happier for their neighbours.

Nick and team will be:

  • Mowing weeds, picking up garbage, and cleaning up the graffiti on the Fairhaven rink
  • Cleaning up any glass and garbage on the Fairhaven Elementary basketball court
  • Picking up garbage and cleaning up graffiti throughout the park, time allowing

Sackville says the reason he’s doing this is because the community worked hard to get the rink and it’s a very important part of the neighbourhood.

“It sees daily use, and our volunteers in the community association work tirelessly during the winter months to keep it in good condition. It truly is a labour of love, and I wanted to help by getting the work started this year,” he says.

Good Neighbour Day is held annually on September 28. It’s a day designed to encourage us to be good neighbours and, by doing this, help to build thriving communities. 

‘That’s what I want for Ward 3 and Saskatoon as a whole – strong, vibrant and thriving communities. That’s why I’m challenging the other election candidates across the city, and all of my neighbours, to do something to give back and help achieve this as part of Good Neighbour Day,’ says Sackville.

Anyone is welcome to join Nick and volunteers on Sunday starting at noon at the Fairhaven rink! Contact Nick and learn more about his campaign at


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