Nick Sackville: Champion for the West Side

What do I mean when I say I’m going to be a Champion for the West Side?

I remember being a kid, growing up in Ward 3, and how tough times were for my family. I know families are going through similar tough times right now, and I want to be their voice at City Hall so they don’t get left behind.

I will work to break the West Side stigma and fight hard for recreational facilities and services to make my neighbours’ lives happier and more enjoyable in Ward 3. Some of my ideas are to have a local branch library in Blairmore/Kensington, a splash park, and one day soon sports facilities that match what the East Side has.

I will ensure we have good funding for our first responders so we can keep our neighbourhoods safe, and that we don’t ignore the root causes of crime in our city. That means we help everyone reach their full potential and be productive in society, including those who struggle with addictions, their mental health, or finding a safe and stable home.

I will fight for proper access into and between our neighbourhoods. Whether they drive a car, take the bus, or get around on their feet, Ward 3 residents will know I have their back and am fighting for them to get around easily and safely.

I will work hard to find efficiencies and keep property tax increases manageable for residents, and I will also fight to keep our tax dollars local by making sure we hire Saskatoon and Saskatchewan-based consultants and contractors to do work in our city as much as possible.

I will look at our regulations with a keen eye to make sure Saskatoon is a competitive place to do business, particularly for our entrepreneurs and small business owners. Creating a strong local economy is key to attracting jobs and residents to our city. That is how we will pay for the services that my neighbours both want and need.

Ward 3 is culturally and socioeconomically diverse. I want to make sure I’m hearing from and speaking on behalf of all voices in our neighbourhoods. That’s why I plan to institute my own Ward 3 Advisory Committee that can help me keep the pulse on all issues facing my neighbours.

I don’t just want to see you every four years during election time, I will attend your events and meetings in the community, and work hard every day now and if I’m elected to earn and keep the support of my neighbours.

On November 9th, vote for your Champion for the West Side, vote Nick Sackville for Ward 3 City Councillor.

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