Town Hall Highlights Reel

I held a Digital Town Hall on October 29. If you were unable to make it, here is a brief highlights reel from the evening’s conversation. I answered questions both live from Facebook, and ones that were submitted in advance.

  1. Why do you want the job?

2. I have to drive my kids to University Heights or Lawson Heights for indoor soccer which is a huge pain and a disincentive to participate in recreational sports. What needs to be done to make sure that we’re not forgotten here on the west side?

3. What are your thoughts on the traffic flow in and out of Parkridge/Fairhaven neighbourhoods?

4. What do you see for addressing mental health, homelessness and addiction in the city? How do we pay for it?

5. What are your thoughts on Lighthouse relocation?

6. What is your view on large capital investment projects in the city? We’re working towards a few number of projects over the next 10 years – what’s your view on that?

7. Where are you at with this project (Camponi Development), what can we learn from this experience and what can we do to go forward?

8. Nick – I’m really sick of 4% of tax increases. What are we paying for? How do you plan to deal with tax increases?

If you have more questions that you would like answered, please contact me.

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