Congratulations & Thank You

Congratulations to David Kirton on his victory. While we were not successful in achieving the highest number of votes, there are other reasons to celebrate today.

I am so proud of the hard work and dedication of my core group of volunteers and for what we accomplished despite a global pandemic and a blizzard in the 11th hour of the campaign. I could not have done it without them. Since I launched my campaign on August 13, my team knocked on over 5,000 doors and had many wonderful conversations.

I am also grateful for the support I received from my family, my donors, and most importantly my neighbours. Thank you for believing in me and my commitment to make life easier, safer and happier for everyone in Ward 3. This is not the end.


  • Nick:
    Just wanted to drop you a note to say keep at it. You have an important voice, a diverse voice, one that we are proud to vote for. You are brave to put your name forward, and we appreciate it. Keep up the good work.

    The Lakes

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