Meet Nick

Hi, I’m Nick.

I am a champion for Saskatoon’s west side.

I’ve been a proud resident of Saskatoon’s west side for most of my life.

As a kid we moved around a lot. We lived in five different homes in the Confederation Park and Fairhaven neighbourhoods. I had a single mom and it was tough for her to make ends meet. She did everything in her power to give us the best possible opportunities. I know many of my neighbours are going through similar challenges right now.

I’ve seen the west side go through lots of changes. I moved away to Alberta for a few years with my family, but I came back to do my university degree – choosing to live in Fairhaven as soon as I could with my partner JT, and our two dogs Jet and Todd. When I came back, I saw new development, schools, and people that have come and gone. Our community is changing, and I want to be one of those helping driving that change – in whatever capacity that may be.

In 2020 I was not successful in my run for Saskatoon’s city council – but this is not the end for me. I am committed to being an advocate for Saskatoon’s West Side, making meaningful and positive change for all the people in my community.